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Przemyslaw Różewski

Professor (Associate),
Ph.D., D.Sc., Eng., Habilitation

Faculty of Computer Science and Information Systems
West Pomeranian University of Technology in Szczecin
Address: Zolnierska 49, (see Google map)
71-210 Szczecin, Poland
Room: 110
Work phone: (+4891) 449-55-72
Work fax: (+4891) 449-55-40

My research activities include:

Incoming events:

  • I am partner of the EU VLEE: Visual Literacy For Engineering Education project, Polish Federation of Engineering Associations (Coordinator), 2019-2021.
  • I am partner of the EU EMERGE: Empowering Female Engineering Entrepreneurs project, Polish Federation of Engineering Associations (Coordinator), 2018-2020.
  • Past events:

  • I was a Coordinator of the EU DSA: Digital Skills Accelerator project, 2017-2019, source: Erasmus+, action: Strategic Partnerships for higher education.
  • I was a partner of the EU ESCOLA: Engineering Student Centered Learning Approaches project, Ege University- Turkey (Coordinator), 2017-2019.
  • I was a Guest Editor of Special Issue "Knowledge Engineering and Semantic Web" of MDPI Information (ISSN 2078-2489). This special issue belongs to the section "Artificial Intelligence". Deadline for manuscript submissions: 15 October 2018.
  • KESW 2017:Knowledge Engineering and Semantic Web Conference (KESW 2017), 8–10 November 2017, Szczecin, Poland - General Chair
  • Zaikin O., Pereira C.E., Różewski P. (2011), Knowledge-based management in production network, Management and Production Engineering Review, Vol. 2, No. 3. 2011 - Special issue editor
  • MULTIMODAL NETWORKS MODELLING AND DESIGN Invited Session on IFAC MIM '2013, June 19-21, St. Petersburg, Russia - Chair



    Journals (selection):


    Różewski, P., Novikov, D., Bakhtadze, N., Zaikin, O. (Eds.) (2016), New Frontiers in Information and Production Systems Modelling and Analysis. Incentive Mechanisms, Competence Management, Knowledge-based Production. Intelligent Systems Reference Library, Vol. 98, Springer-Verlag, Berlin – Heidelberg.

    Różewski P., Kusztina E., Tadeusiewicz R., Zaikin O. (2011), Intelligent Open Learning Systems: Concepts, models and algorithms, Intelligent Systems Reference Library, Vol. 22, Springer Berlin / Heidelberg

    Różewski P., Kusztina E., Zaikin O. (2008), Modele i metody zarządzania procesem Otwartego Nauczania Zdalnego, Instytut Badań Systemowych PAN, Seria: Badania Systemowe, tom 61, Warszawa- Szczecin





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